“We reached out to Kenn again as a capture manager and researcher to help us identify short and long term contracts available in my industry. Again, Kenn discovered contracts my office staff were not capable of locating. Because of that research, we are now finalizing a partnership with 2 major players in the intelligence industry which complements the work that we do.”

Andy Holmes – President & CEO – Holmes Legal Investigations & Holmes Risk Management

“Kenn & his team at Gov Business NW have been instrumental in helping OxyFit & OxyFloats reach the next level. My wife Sherri and I lacked the in-depth knowledge and experience needed to enter the government market. We had met with our local PTAC Advisor who was very helpful, but couldn’t provide the detail we have received from Kenn’s team. We didn’t know there were so many steps, regulations & requirements that needed to be accomplished before looking at the government as a potential business opportunity… Dan & Kenn have worked on helping us lay the foundation for our business. They have identified potential strategic partners & sales opportunities to help us bring our new product to the government market. If you haven’t worked with Gov Business NW, I suggest you contact them for assistance…”

Stephen Erickson CEO Co-founder – Inventor – OxyFit & OxyFloats

“I was pleased to have WACommerce and contracting coaches Kenn & Wayne speak to “Sourced Write” members at Bates Technical College. Kenn & Wayne presented a 2 hour class and training session about Marketing your business to the government, Proposals and Capability Statements. Linda Womack our MBDA Director & I were very interested to see the products & services available through WACommerce LLC., many of the tools & techniques we didn’t know were available. I recommend any business interested or considering the local or federal contract opportunities speak with Kenn.”

Keith Armstrong – Minority Business Development Agency – SBE Small Business Assistance Programs

“I was referred to Ken’s company Gov Business NW at a networking group, I had a short suspense to produce a waste removal proposal and was clueless on where to start. Once we printed out the RFP and walked through all the steps, Ken & Dan’s group identified areas and pitfalls within the request and was able to help me put together a competitive proposal as a subcontractor. The prime contractor has reached out to me several times and we are one of the remaining proposals for this opportunity. Thanks for your help!”

Iulian “iuli” Bodas – CEO JDog – Junk Removal & Hauling – Lakewood WA.

“I can’t say enough about Kenn’s involvement with our company. As a contract specialist and capture manager, Kenn ensured we were setup correctly to work with the government. He identified several areas of concern which we corrected, he was also able to identify over $147 million dollars in potential contracts my company could bid on. We have started working on a strategic plan to address several of those opportunities. I appreciated Kenn’s candor in areas where I thought we could compete for business. He pointed out the ability to build strategic partners and create teaming agreements to help with several contracts. Kenn’s experience & expertise has helped guide HRM toward several contract opportunities we were not aware existed.”

Andy Holmes – President & CEO – Holmes Risk Management

“Kenn is a true professional that gets the job done right the first time and I would work with him anytime I could. I would sum up his skills in one word “Supreme”

Neal Thomas – Owner Real Estate Broker at Best Choice Realty LLC

“Kenn is hard working, conscientious and has a positive attitude toward goals and is highly motivated to achieve them. He is a very diverse in his knowledge of marketing, web development/design, internet technology and has demonstrated a measurable sense of priorities. He is a stealth performer with well-organized study habits. Kenn would be a valuable asset to any organization or team.”

Nettie Reed – Director of Operations at Infinity Global Xpress

R2Group Webdesign & Kenn Rivers are part of a grass roots movement to revolutionize the way people search started years ago when Clarence Briggs – CEO & Founder of Fortune 500 Inc. Fastest Growing - Web hosting and domain registration company Advanced Internet Technologies ( , became frustrated with his treatment as an advertiser with other search engines. He decided to build a search engine of his own. This led to unique partnerships... Online marketing specialist Kenn Rivers is a successful AIT reseller located in Tacoma, Washington. He decided to expand his businesses and become a TyBit AdVAR and affiliate. River’s first commission check from TyBit will be $521.54. He also earns considerable revenue managing ad campaigns for his clients in TyBit. Rivers teamed with AIT as the corporate advisor of WACommerce ( ) a new government procurement portal, with TyBit embedded, that is designed with the small‐business owner in mind.

Kitti Jo Finch – Business Development – Advanced Internet Technologies – Fortune 500 Inc.

“Kenn and his designers were instrumental in taking over the development process of our website and membership directory cover design to ensure they were integrated and reflected the ideas and concepts of the Black Dollar organization. Black Dollar, which stretches from Seattle and surrounding areas to Portland Oregon with over 300 members was reflected in his teams work. Kenn was able to capture all the activities and programs within the organization which were displayed in his work with the directory as well as our website”

Lottie (Lottie Givens) Cross – Director of Clean Greens Farm & Market & Editor-AABD

“Professional. Forward Thinking. Detailed. Strategic. Planner. These are just a few of the great things I can say about Kenn and his team. After a conversation with Kenn, he envisioned exactly what I was looking for. He negotiated with programmers, coordinated with several online gaming companies and local gift card provider to produce an ecommerce platform to support national & international clients online purchases. -  WELL DONE!”

John Enyeart – President & CEO – Worldwide ATM