The Connector

2018 to Present

Well, I guess at this point in my life I consider myself an Entrepreneur & Connector. Whether it’s web development projects, marketing, strategy development, financial solutions, contract management, or 1 to 1 coaching. If I’m not the right fit, I’m sure, I know someone who can help your business move forward. I have a knack for helping people and enjoy being a “Certified Social Leads Consultant” for individuals or companies to help them grow their business. I have been part of the team at LeadEngagements.com since 2018 and enjoy the science behind providing clients actual appointments rather than a list of leads, simply been an amazing learning experience for me while I help others and it has been great for my business as well.

I’m currently part of the Advisory team of “THRIVE – A Prison Reentry Program” with a goal of training and helping those being released become productive members of our communities. This is a great program & movement underway if you would like to know more reach out and connect with me for details.

I have been an advisor with a cryptocurrency company and currently a co-founding member of the Blockchain Ecosystem. I have had several successful cryptocurrency opportunities, but have found one come thread between them all and that is the growing Blockchain Technology and its capabilities. The Blockchain EcoSystem & Chamber exchange ideas & foster new business growth using Blockchain Technology.

I am a founding member of the Northwest Chapter. If you would like to be part of the Blockchain EcoSystem and support companies using blockchain technology give me a call or reach out by email for details…

If you would like to know more about the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce or Blockchain Ecosystem use the links below.

Blockchain EcoSystem | Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

If you would like to join the Blockchain EcoSystem or Blockchain Chamber contact me for a discount code while they last…

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The Connector

Business Coach / Management Consultant / Experienced Business Development

2012 to Present

Gov Business NW

Business Owner- Founding Member, Business Coach – Marketing Specialist, Consultant for www.GovBusinessNW.com formally WACommerce LLC. www.WACommerce.net we are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Consultant Co., focused on helping small businesses understand the government marketplace, bid and win government contracts. I assist in the management of a bid-match platform and leads resource for federal, state, & private contracts, subcontracts & direct sales opportunities. Gov Business NW provides the right tools, education, training & research services to make a company’s success possible. As a Capture Manager & Researcher, I help find contract opportunities for your business and support and guide contract management teams to secure potential federal and or state contracts. I also provide relationship management services… Become a member of our association to learn proven techniques & strategies today!

Gov Business NW has partnered with Government Contractors Association to provide clients with proprietary software solutions, over 200 hours of training videos and proven techniques to help our clients win government contracts. As of Nov 2018, through the association we have helped clients & association members win over $900 million dollars in contracts.

See one story here : http://bit.ly/GovQuickStart
Unique Tools : http://bit.ly/FastrackUS

I assist organizations and help lay the foundation with qualifying their business, registrations, certifications, strategic planning, identify business opportunities & possible partnerships. Initial responsibility to establish the web presence and develop basic marketing strategies for the company. Work with contracting teams to build cohesion and accountability throughout the contracting process through coaching and the use of training videos, proprietary software solutions and introduce subcontractors and contracting teams to new concepts. Play a major roll helping small businesses understand the government marketplace and lay the foundation required to be in positi0on to bid on government contracts.

Management Consultant / Experienced Business Development

2018 to Present

Above the Standard Worldwide Group

We Deliver Results – “We Develop Efficient Processes for Businesses that Increases their Cash Flow!”

Above the Standard helps organizations of all sizes in many industries to be more profitable and best in class by increasing profits, improving costs, and enabling growth. For more than 30 years, Above the Standard has helped organizations of all sizes in many industries be more profitable and best in class by increasing profits, improving costs, and enabling growth, in the tens of billions of dollars. See Client List Below.

Above the Standard’s proven track record has helped organizations increase profits in the tens of billions of dollars all over the globe, at an average of 28% increase, for 98% of our engaged clients.


To Pre-Qualify to reduce your costs with Above the Standard’s Proprietary Procurement Cost Reduction Solutions, you must fit the criteria below:

  • Small to Large Organization | All Industries
  • United States: $10 Million Gross Revenue to the Largest Multi-Billion Dollar Organizations
  • Global: $100 Million Gross Revenue to the Largest Multi-Billion Dollar Organizations
  • Desire to Reduce Your Costs and Increase Your Profits
  • Be Committed to Working Together as a Team

www.ATS-Worldwide.net or www.ROIBuilders.net

Above the Standard starts with NO Cost business assessment we provide a proven cost reduction, and best value increase, through our solutions and buying group offerings.

“Unique Pay For Performance Business Model”

We are so confident we can identify a business solution or process that can help your business, company or corporation, we receive NO compensation for any cost reduction project until we reduce your costs in the agreed upon areas (most cases) the same process when increasing profit margins.

If we reduce your costs by $200,000 per year, we share in the cost savings with NO up front charges, as we are paid on performance! If we save you money, great – it’s a net reduction in costs! If we can’t save you money, while increasing your profits, there’s no cost to you!

Team & Organizational Development Directorate (TODD)

Management Analyst & Organizational Development Trainer
“Great Training, Teaching, Coaching & Mentoring Environment”

“Great Training, Teaching, Coaching & Mentoring Environment” Provided management, program and statistical analysis services to include recommendations on all aspects of the Army Medicines Culture Change Initiative, to include levels of organizational trust, customer service, and organizational culture. Communicate with leaders in Military Treatment Facilities (MTF) to identify and implement solutions to process interpersonal challenges. Research the impact of trust and distrust within organizations. Collect and analyze pertinent organizational data and information; develop statistical and narrative data to justify any changes and recommendations; prepare and present briefings to senior leaders, supervisors, managers, union officials and employees throughout Army Medical Command.

Utilizing Excel and other sources to collate data, establish and analyze benchmarks, analyze evaluation reports and identify indicators and trends among collected data. Develop flow charts, comparative analysis reports, information papers to brief senior hospital staff. Investigate and evaluate new or improved business or management practices for most effective and efficient accomplishment of mission.

Prepared statistical analysis ratings from employee evaluations, assisted in employee notification of upcoming training based on evaluations. Coordinate with outside vendors to provide employee training. Working with web-based learning and management systems, has conducted training and observations over the internet by VTC. Developed and maintained scheduling, project timelines, processes, procedures and implementation plans for a 250 member liaison advocate training program with the field at military hospitals. Created employee surveys and function as the Site Manager for the Integrated Customer Evaluation Tool (ICE) which manages surveyed patient responses to care. Trained as an Organizational Development Specialist (OD), which additional duties include; a facilitator and change agent to assist with organizational culture change within Army Medicine. As a team member successfully facilitated training for approximately 1082 Army Medical Command personnel over a 6 week time frame. Specifically looked at the working relationship among individuals, work groups and leaderships responses to situations through the five stages of the group development cycle. As a member of an ad hoc OD team, curriculum development, evaluates short, mid and long range planning with the organization to identify specific training needs which support the Cultural Change Initiative.

Private Investigator

Conducted private investigations to locate missing persons, expose fraudulent insurance claims or stolen funds, obtained confidential information, and solved crimes. Performed surveillance operations of known or suspected criminal elements or individuals committing theft or fraud. Performed undercover operations such as evaluating the performance and honesty of employees by posing as customers or employees. Question persons to obtain information for cases of divorce, child custody or information about individuals’ character or financial status. Performed individual due diligence and social media tracing.

Undercover Surveillance Operations | Surveillance Detection Team Member

Preformed security and patrol duties responsible for the security and order of buildings, grounds or other work sites. Monitored activities on CCTV Security systems. Provided armed residential security, periodically patrolled related areas of VIP residence, examining doors, windows, and gates to ensure that they are properly secured. When warranted apprehend suspects and release them to law enforcement authorities or security personnel.

“PI Advisor”

Washington Joint Analytical Center (WAJAC)

Criminal Intel Analyst
“I Really Loved the Work!”
Criminal Intel Analyst-2 for Washington State Joint Analytical Center (WAJAC) an asset of (DHS) Department of Homeland Security. As a member of the Regional Intelligence Group (RIG) performed detailed research and analysis of criminal intelligence information. Researched, analyzed, evaluated and correlated criminal intelligence information in order to determine source reliability, content validity and potential truthfulness; to develop investigative leads and links; and to identify distinguishing patterns and trends for law enforcement official briefings and presentations.

Organized and maintained sensitive, non-sensitive and open source case data database and/or files into logical, concise and understandable order for retrieval if further analysis is needed. Collected and compiled criminal intelligence information and statistics to generate predictable intelligence analysis data for support in investigations through personal contact (e.g., interviews, photographic analysis, discussions, etc.); manipulation and query of database systems; open source, use of analytical tools such as i2 Analyst Notebook, Penlink and ArcGIS software, to include reading and recording various intelligence, analytical and administrative information.

Disseminated information related to criminally involved individuals, Organized crime groups, emerging criminal elements, Public disorder, and Terrorist groups both International and Domestic. Briefed law enforcement agencies, created reports, slide presentations, models and weekly bulletins for Detectives, Sheriff’s Offices, FBI Agents, DEA, Customs Enforcement (ICE), Coast Guard, US Postal Agents and State Patrol. The result of this effort is to provide timely informational, analytical and technical support to all member law enforcement agencies of the five county Regional Intelligence Group (RIG) sector using a variety of Intel sources.

Business Owner – R2Group LLC. Web Design & Hosting

Designer, Account Manager and Marketing Consultant

“R2Group Web Design & Hosting Made Simple!”

Provided excellent customer service & advice on products & services, increased sales for my territory by 22%. Analyzed marketing strategies, recommended modifications and implemented business plans for customers on all levels. Developed and managed local as well as national accounts, became project lead between overseas programmers & local designers. Responsible for the development & establishment of an online gift card program for the gaming industry which processed over $2.8 million in 3 days during beta testing. I thought I was on my way! Unfortunately, shortly after design it became illegal to process such transactions online here in the US. That Really Busted my Bubble as well as the project backers and design team I supervised!!!

Account Manager: Negotiated contracts & proposals, managed a portfolio of 62 clients as a Web Developer/business consultant to include graphic design, online marketing and sales production.

Project Lead: Provided new development concepts, customer service and technical support for existing client base, PPC (Paid Per Click) ad campaign manager & new development TyBit, assisted in the development of online web commercials. Selected by AIT.com a Fortune500 company and acknowledged for my success using the TyBit Marketing platform. Created and maintained eye-catching HTML/DHTML/PHP web pages and templates from approved design concepts, organized and conducted server management for clients. Responsible for site production, Managed Servers, Email Applications, Domain Registration, page layout, and design Work, managed development process among (4) designers. Consulted clients on economical website solutions, eCommerce, and ISP hosting.

US Army-Retired

Senior Management, Innovative Strategic Planner, Intelligence Analyst
“Honorably Retired from the US Army”
Held positions as a Military Policeman, Military Police Investigator, Evidence Custodian, Protective Service Team member (Executive Protection), and Port Security Operations. Upon completing my duties as a Military Police Investigator. Established as a Military Operations in Urban Terrain Instructor (MOUT) Decided I needed something extremely challenging, so I became an Elite Green Beret and Subject Matter Expert in intelligence, strategic planning, unconventional warfare, weapons & tactics. Jumping out of planes and training, coaching & mentoring other skills was really unique and Special Forces was my calling…


“Member of the prestigious Sergeant Morales Club & Honorary Member of Audie Murphy Club”

Retired Green Beret – Senior Advisor/Planner for the US Army Special Operations my duties included:

My Initial entry into SF was as an 18B Special Weapons & Tactics, then quickly moved on to SF Intelligence manager, then supervised a 12 man team. As Special Forces Operator, planned and coordinated various missions local (CONUS) and international (OCONUS) environments. Cross trained multi-functional teams and recertified team members to ensure quality performance in various environments. Focused on team integration, cohesion and self-reliance. Performed multiple surveillance operations, Direct Action Missions, and as SF Intelligence Analyst SFG(A), developed Courses of Action (COA) based on intelligence and cultural awareness. Performed duties as Senior Military Advisor, Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) advisor assigned to US Embassy and briefed various US. and foreign dignitaries and heads of state on current and future operations. I am Instructor/trainer certified, Provided VIP Security & Support. At Battalion and Group Level became a contract specialist & purchase card holder, was the Training Operations Supervisor for 1300+ personnel, successfully developed and executed short & long range training plans and schedules, managed documents in a training database, and controlled a $2.7 million budget. Managed 10 other senior supervisors, planned, directed, coordinated and implemented the training operations of the organization, prepared work schedules and assigned specific duties.


2019 to Present

ABOVE ALL – I am a Loving Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Friend, Colleague & Brother-In-Arms. I thank the “Lord” for some guidance and without ALL the guidance & support I would not be WHO & WHERE I am today!