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I’m all about responsible, sustainable business practices, taking care of clients, along with doing business for the greater good. Below are 3 pillars of my business, but not all I represent. I have various strategic partners and industry leaders that I work with to help your business grow!

Gov Business NW & GCA
WACommerce Previous Company
Above the Standard



  • Excellent communicator, skilled in the art of negotiation and compromise
  • Quick to adapt to changing environments and/or requirements
  • Excellent at building and working with contracting teams
  • Dedicated Team player with strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Respected leader, both within my team and the organization working with
  • Ability to build strong working relationships among a broad scope of clients and associates
  • Hands-on experience both from a business owner’s perspective as well as solutions provider
  • Adept at mentoring and fostering a growth environment - Educate, Facilitate and Advocate for small business
  • Experienced at developing, training & working with cross functional teams
  • Ability to perform at a high level under pressure, prioritize work and meet aggressive timelines
  • Experienced with lessons learned instruction, and strong in analytical and problem-solving skills
Current clearance DOD SECRET as of Apr 2018 previously - Top Secret last active: Dec 2014


Over 10 years of experience covering a variety of aspect from web design, business development, branding, brand awareness, social media marketing, locating business opportunities, vertical markets, building strategic partners, relationship building, and educating business owners on marketing their products and services to the government.


Business coach and advisor for government contracts, specializing in Capture Management and Marketing your business to the federal government. As a member of Government Contractors Association – I am a Subject Matter Expert with GovFast Track Software, GovTraining & Knowledge Vault, Market Intelligence, Mobilization Capital, Market Research and Relationship Building. Perform duties as an Above the Standard Consult with businesses who want to Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs. Generally those clients are generating an annual revenue $3.5 million dollars or more we have over a 93% success rate..


  • Certified Capture Manager – Researcher / Proposal Management – GCA
  • Agile Contract Management – Villanova University
  • Criminal Intelligence Analyst – Level 2
  • Private Investigator, Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Specialist (Licensed)
  • Master Contract Specialist – Villanova University
  • 'Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities' (EBV) Graduate
  • Veteran to CEO Program - Graduate
  • Department of the Army – JBLM Base - Contract Management Course
  • Purchase Card Holder – Department of Defense
  • Project Management Process Improvement – University of Washington
  • Certified Professional Business Intelligence – Villanova University
  • Certified Instructor Trainer – Subject Matter Expert – US Army 1st SFG(A) & General Dynamics (91st Support Group)
  • Bachelors in Business Administration & Sociology Degree – University of Maryland


Feedback & Testimonials From Past Clients & Associates

“We reached out to Kenn again as a capture manager and researcher to help us identify short and long term contracts available in my industry. Again, Kenn discovered contracts my office staff were not capable of locating. Because of that research, we are now finalizing a partnership with 2 major players in the intelligence industry which complements the work that we do.”

Andy Holmes – President & CEO – Holmes Legal Investigations & Holmes Risk Management

“Kenn & his team at Gov Business NW have been instrumental in helping OxyFit & OxyFloats reach the next level. My wife Sherri and I lacked the in-depth knowledge and experience needed to enter the government market. We had met with our local PTAC Advisor who was very helpful, but couldn’t provide the detail we have received from Kenn’s team. We didn’t know there were so many steps, regulations & requirements that needed to be accomplished before looking at the government as a potential business opportunity… Dan & Kenn have worked on helping us lay the foundation for our business. They have identified potential strategic partners & sales opportunities to help us bring our new product to the government market. If you haven’t worked with Gov Business NW, I suggest you contact them for assistance…”

Stephen Erickson CEO Co-founder – Inventor – OxyFit & OxyFloats

“I was pleased to have WACommerce and contracting coaches Kenn & Wayne speak to “Sourced Write” members at Bates Technical College. Kenn & Wayne presented a 2 hour class and training session about Marketing your business to the government, Proposals and Capability Statements. Linda Womack our MBDA Director & I were very interested to see the products & services available through WACommerce LLC., many of the tools & techniques we didn’t know were available. I recommend any business interested or considering the local or federal contract opportunities speak with Kenn.”

Keith Armstrong – Minority Business Development Agency – SBE Small Business Assistance Programs


Not much to reveal here. Family is most important to me! I’m in a soccer family, enjoyed coaching my kids for a while till their skills got beyond where I could take them. Same old struggle many people have trying to remain active and stay in shape. I enjoy business & market intelligence like putting together a puzzle… In my spare time I’m part of Karatbars International GOLD Savings program where anyone can buy Gold which has been very rewarding. I believe in the security of Blockchain and have recently focused on cryptocurrency connecting BTC Buyers & Sellers.


Let’s Make it Happen – If there is a will there’s a way!

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Photo Credit: incamerastock / Alamy Stock Photo With the end of the year approaching, Americans are beginning to turn their attention towards tax season. In addition to $3.3 trillion in federal taxes, last year Americans paid $950.5 billion in state taxes distributed across sales, income, property, license, and other taxes. Across all states, sales and gross receipts taxes were the largest source of state tax revenue, followed closely by income taxes; however, the breakdown of tax revenue by state varies widely.

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